Overcome A Toxic Relationship
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How To Overcome A Toxic Relationship?

Being in a relationship is a very good experience. It makes you happy and content. You get a companion with whom you are able to share all your thoughts and your stories. However, there are times when relationships turn toxic. You start feeling burdened. You tend to lose your identity and you are no longer in a good frame of mind. Your relationship will try to take away things from you that actually make you happy. This is the time when you should try to let things go and live for yourself. However, there are very people who find it very difficult to combat with such a phase in their life. These are the times when you are extremely weak and vulnerable from inside and you tend to get affected very easily. So, you will have to be very careful and take your moves very carefully so that you do not end up leaving an everlasting scar in your life.

Many a time, it so happens that no matter how much we wish to move on, we fail.  We are unable to get out of it completely. Even if we are physically out of it, mentally we are still connected to the person whom we wish to forget.


How will you bid goodbye to a relationship which is toxic?

Here are a few ways by which you can get rid of a toxic relationship and get back to your normal self:

Try to divert your mind from the relationship:

This is the most important thing that you should be doing if you have had a breakup after a toxic relationship. Try to shift your focus from your relationship. If you are a working person then put more emphasis on your work. Try to spend more time in what doing your work. This will not only improve your work life but also make you a more successful person. Indulge yourself in doing things that you like. If you are a voracious reader then spend more time reading your favourite books. This is a very good way by which you can keep the relationship away from your mind.


Learn to face the truth:

Most of us find it difficult to overcome a relationship because we find it difficult to accept the truth. A faint hope lingers in their mind which makes us believe that everything will be ok. So, instead of trying to live on false hopes, try to accept the fact that your relationship is over for the greater good. Your life will not end if your relationship ends in failure. Your relationship is just a part of your life and not your entire life.

Get close to your family:

This is the time when you are absolutely shattered and broken down from inside and need someone’s back. So, find time for the people who you know actually cares for you. If you have a very close friend, then try to confide your secrets with that person. He or she may be able to soothe you down and motivate you to do something good with your life. Stay away from people who are demotivating you and giving you false hope regarding the relationship. Remember, if it’s over then it’s over.


Stop being in touch with the person with whom you have been in a relationship:

At first, you may find it difficult to completely stop contacting that person but the more you remain attached to him or her, the more you will find it difficult to get over your relationship. It is always difficult to move on yet it is not impossible. So remove him from your mobile contacts and from all social media websites and try to start afresh.  You will see that with time the memories will gradually fade and you will have a better tomorrow


Learn to know yourself:

First and foremost, you should try to know who you are. Only then can you expect others to recognize you. Do not see yourself from others point of view. Never be judgmental about yourself. It is you who knows yourself the best. So try to find out what your heart desires and shape yourself up according to that.


Try to be around people who give you positive vibes:

Being in the company of your friends will make you feel better. Try hanging out with people instead of locking yourself up alone. Loneliness will start to grow on you and it will give you negative thoughts which can be very harmful at this phase of your life. Go out, have fun and learn to be happy. This will definitely help you in getting over your toxic relationship.

Enlighten yourself with self-realization:

Understand the fact that you deserve someone better in life. The sooner you realize this, the better because a person who can make you unhappy is not the right person for you. There will be plenty of other options in your life and maybe you will come across someone who will succeed in keeping you happy in every phase of your life. If your partner doesn’t bring out the best in you, he is no partner at all. Only a person who can truly encourage you and be at your side at all times is regarded as your true partner. All you have to do is wait for the right person. You will soon come across someone who will be your perfect partner and make you happier than you were in your previous relationship.


Few words of caution:

Do not take hasty decisions. Many of us try to get into another relationship just in order to forget our previous one. This is a very big mistake and you should try your best to avoid it. In this way, you will not end up hurting that person; you will also bring harm to yourself. A relationship should never be a means to forget a previous relationship. As long as you are not completely out of your relationship, do not jump into another relationship. This will never be a long lasting one and will hurt you even more.


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