Increase Your Self Esteem
Self Esteem

Tips For Improving Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem refers to what you think of yourself. It generally means your opinion about yourself. Self-esteem leads to self-confidence and only a person who has high self-esteem can be considered as a confident person. Only then will he be able to be successful in life. At times, most people have doubts about themselves but this should not elongate for a very long time as it will end up making you feel insecure and inferior. You should be able to know what is affecting you and how to overcome that. People who are continuously suffering from low self-esteem have very low confidence and thereby are not able to succeed in life. So, it is very necessary for you to have high esteem about yourself.

How do you increase your Self Esteem?

Here are a few ways by which you can enhance your self-esteem:

Try to be kind to yourself: 

Most of us are extremely harsh on ourselves. No one is going to love you if you yourself don’t be kind to yourself. You should take care of your needs and understand yourself because no one can understand you better than you do.

See what your body wants:

Give preference to your mind and your body.  Ask yourself what you would do in a particular situation and act accordingly. Do not force yourself to do something which you are uncomfortable doing. If you are facing problem in doing something, then it is better to quit than to be in that situation for a long time. This will create pressure in your mind, which is definitely not good for you. 



Accept the fact that no human being is perfect:

Most of us try too hard to be perfect. However, imperfection itself has an essence of perfection in it. So, be perfect in your own ways instead of forcing yourself to do something with you are not capable of doing.


Try to learn from your mistakes instead of demotivating yourself:

Every human being makes mistakes. That doesn’t mean you are less capable or incapable in anyways. Instead of getting demotivated, take a lesson from your mistakes and try to develop yourself in that field. Maybe you are lacking something which is causing that mistake. Maybe talking to someone will be able to help you out.  Mistakes are very common and it can happen to anyone. Do not keep thinking about your mistakes. It can affect your health as well as your mind.


Do things which can make you happy:

Happiness is something which can boost your self-esteem at any time and at any moment. Happiness can only be gained by doing the things that you love doing. Many of us try to do something which we are not habituated to do. This only creates stress and decreased self-confidence. Instead, find out the stuff with you love to do. Take out time for your hobbies and recreational activities like playing games, watching movies. These can have a very good effect on your mind and your health and create a good opinion about yourself. Never blame others for anything that has happened to you. Instead, try to forgive that person. Forgiving is an art which gives you mental peace and keeps you happy. So, if you are a forgiving person, you will definitely have a good opinion about yourself and this will increase your self-esteem.


Be around people who are always supportive of you:

Most of us end up choosing the wrong company. We make friends with people who mostly demotivate us and speak behind our backs. Be careful while choosing your friends and your close ones. Your associates always have a very big role to play in your success. So, be around people who motivate you to take up new challenges in life and gives you advice regarding how to lead your life in a better way. Other people’s opinion can also bring about a change in your own life.

Do not compare yourself with others:

Most human beings spend most of their lives comparing themselves with others. They think about what they have gained in their lives compared to what other people have gained. Try to focus on your own life and try to think of ways in which you can develop yourself and be a better human being instead of putting your focus on others. Do not make other people the main subject of your own life. Let not other’s activities play any impact in your own life. No one should have the ability to manipulate you in any way.


Why do most people tend to lose their self-esteem?

People tend to lose their self-esteem especially during their childhood days. Most children are heavily criticized at their homes for different causes. Children are also scolded at their schools and tuitions for little things. This causes them to lose their self-esteem. And when a person grows up, he realizes that he has a very low self-esteem .You do not have any confidence about you and you are unable to take up strong decisions for yourself. You start depending on other for your actions. Low self -esteem is also a result of failure in our careers, relationship or family problems. When you continuously face failure, you stop believing in yourself and you start getting scared whenever a new challenge comes in your way. This phase should never come in your life.


Why is self-esteem important?

Self-esteem is very important for mental as well as emotional development of an individual. If an individual has low self-esteem, then his confidence level will gradually fall and he will start becoming scared. He will be afraid of failure and back off from taking up new challenges. If you realize that you have a low self-esteem, you should try to find out the cause of it and work accordingly. Only your inner voice can let you know about the cause of your self-esteem. Act accordingly and improve your opinion about yourself as soon as possible.


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