10 simple exercises to reduce belly fat at home

Exercise is extremely beneficial for our health. It is recommended that every person should exercise for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. It is very important for the overall development of your body. It keeps you fit and healthy and gives you more concentration. It is also a great form of relaxation. A person who exercises regularly has fewer chances of falling sick. The important advantage of exercise is that it helps you to get rid of excess fat. Excess fat can make you fall severely ill. It is the cause of hundreds of diseases. So, to get yourself a flat belly,

Here are the top ten exercises for you:


Crunches are the best way by which you can get a flat belly and reduce excess fat from your body. It is the easiest way to burn fat from your body. All you have to do is lie down flat on the floor and bend your knees and feet on the ground. Then you will have to lift your hands and place them behind your head. You can also keep your hands across your chest. After that, you will have to inhale deeply as you lift the upper portion of your body from the ground. Exhale deeply while lowering the lifted part back to the ground. Continue doing so for around 1 to 2 minutes a day if you are a beginner.

Twist crunches:

It is a modified form of regular crunches. Once you have mastered the art of practising crunches, you can try practising twisting crunches. In twist crunches, all you have to do is to lift your right shoulder towards the left of your body while the left part of your body is on the ground. You can do around 10 crunches in the beginning and then increase your duration.

Side crunch:

Side crunch is very similar to the twist crunches. The only difference is that you will have to tilt your legs to the same side as your shoulder at once. Side crunches are also very beneficial is removing those few extra pounds from your body.

Reverse crunches:

Reverse crunches are like any other crunches but it is extremely good for women. In this type of crunch, you will have to tilt your legs behind your body. It is one of the best exercises to reduce excess fat from your body and make you fit from inside.

Vertical leg crunch:

In vertical leg crunch, you will have to lie flat on the floor and stretch your leg upwards towards the roof of your house. After that, you will have to make sure that one of your knees is crossed over another. Lift the upper part of your body towards the pelvis and exhale slowly. Do around 16 to 18 crunches a day. Your entire body will be exercised.


Cycling is another form of exercise which is very good in reducing belly fat. Even if you do not know how to ride a bicycle, you can do this exercise at your home. You will have to lie on the floor and keep your hands together behind your head. Make sure that your right knee is close to your chest and the left leg is towards the outwards direction. Then you will have to bring your left leg close to your chest and put your right left in the outward direction. Continue doing so in an alternate fashion just as if you are using a bicycle.

The rolling plank exercise:

It is yet another way which is used to exercise the muscles of your abdomen. It helps you to reduce your belly fat. You will have to place yourself on the mat or the floor so that both your knees as well as your elbows are on the ground. You will have to keep your body straight and look forward. Lift your legs and try to support your entire body on your toes. Bring your knees close to your body and keep breathing in a normal way. This is referred to as the plank posing. Keep still in that position for around a minute and start moving in a to and fro direction for about 30 seconds. This position is referred to as the rolling plank.


Walking is the best possible form of exercise. It can be used to reduce your excess body fat. Walking for about 30 to 35 minutes a day for at least 6 minutes a day can greatly reduce your body fat within 2 months. You will notice changes in your body structure and your entire body will become healthy. It will also increase your metabolic rate and decrease your chances of falling ill.


Running is another very good form of exercise. It can be used to burn all the excess calories from your body and also increase your heart rate.


If your body does not permit you to run regularly, then you can switch to jogging. Jogging is a slow and steady method to lose weight. It is better than any other methods. It is a very good way to stay fit and healthy.

Some other forms of exercises like yoga and meditation have also proven themselves to be beneficial in reducing body fat. They are a simple yet very effective way to burn excess calories. They try to keep you fit and healthy at all times and also increases your metabolic rate. You will see that once you start practising regularly, there will be an overall change in yourself. You will become a happier individual. You will get more energy in work and overall your life will improve to a great extent. So, instead of going for any crash courses to lose weight, you can try these simple ways which can not only help you to get rid of those few extra pounds but will also make sure that it does not affect you in any other way.


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