CBD For Yoga

Ways CBD Can Boost Your Yoga Practice

A large population of Americans are turning to the ancient practice of yoga for weight loss, to manage their physical pain, lowering of stress levels and bolstering muscle strength and flexibility. It goes without saying that incorporating a regular regimen of yoga offers oodles of mental and physical benefits. But, how about also adding  something that can boost your benefits and enhance your experience. An emerging trend known as CBD yoga takes your yoga practice to a new level as anecdotal evidence amassed across the internet have shown that numerous people have tried CBD and Yoga together and enjoyed the experience. Though hearsay is not a surefire way to make a health decision, you should also know the scientific studies which have proven the efficacy of CBD.

CBD is among the most prevalent compounds existing in cannabis. Reared from the industrial hemp plant, it is non-psychoactive and you remain cognitively conscious after its consumption. This is because CBD activates the receptors within the endocannabinoid system instead of directly bonding with them in the manner THC does. With no side-effects, toxicity or drug tolerance, CBD has a high safety profile and a host of medicinal benefits.

Yoga And CBD Are Complementary

These two therapies together can perform wonders in anxiety relief and focus. CBD targets serotonin receptors and can aid in the growth of new neurons within the brain (neurogenesis). The phytocannabinoid, CBD also aids the brain to focus and concentrate on the present task, an immense advantage for practising yoga and reaching that final zen state. Research has shown that the human body has natural cannabinoid receptors which can impact the immune and nervous systems. The endogenous cannabinoids are produced by the body and they are naturally present in the mother’s breast milk. Further, cannabinoid receptors get naturally activated through meditation. This makes the pairing of Yoga and CBD appear so perfect.


Raises Both Stamina And Flexibility

Besides helping focus during yoga, the plant compound CBD can increase flexibility in your movements during yoga session. CBD salves and creams can deliver the oil into your skin which can provide pain relief and suppleness to the postures practiced during yoga. By reducing inflammation and pain in your joints, it can help in maintaining ease of movement during pre and post-workout sessions. You can adopt an active lifestyle once again with this magical plant medicine.

A Natural Anxiety Therapy

In current times, anxiety has reached its climax with at least one out of six Americans reportedly turning to the help of a psychiatric drug. Anxiety and depression have become a big industry with the market for healing anxiety and depression through prescription methods standing at $15 billion globally. Fighting stress has become a niche market with bath oils, lotions, massagers, and eye masks all in the product list for facilitating relaxation.

However, many have opted for a more natural method which has brought yoga to the fore in American health circles. Yoga blends exercise with spiritual health and is a useful instrument in fighting stress and anxiety. With yoga, another organic and non-pharmaceutical alternative for dealing with anxiety is CBD oil, which is growing in popularity on account of its anxiety relieving and therapeutic properties.

Yoga Posture Savasana And The Bliss Molecule Anandamide

At the culmination of a yoga session, you often find the “corpse pose” or Savasana being practised. This pose brings complete relaxation, soothes muscle tension and melts away the body stress. Savasana also has a powerful effect on the mind and helps it to retain focus, eliminates any external stress and draws your attention on breathing and heartbeat. Yoga triggers the neurotransmitter Anandamide, which fosters the feeling of ecstasy and calmness for long durations after the sessions. Incredibly, CBD also prevents the degradation of anandamide and helps it to stay longer in your body, thereby keeping you blissful, boosted and regulating your mood throughout the day.

Both Yoga And CBD Fortifies Your Body And Mind

Many yoga practitioners perform it with the purpose of improving their body strength and toning. Whether for consolidating muscle mass or firming up, the levels of catabolic hormones play a primary role in muscle growth. To maintain the toning and growth of muscle the catabolic hormone, cortisol should be subdued to some extent as it lowers the synthesis of protein within your body and restricts tissue development. CBD aids in maintaining healthy cortisol levels, indicating optimum muscle growth and recovery. During the night cortisol levels are lowest, which is why muscle recovery is at its maximum during sleep.

Studies have proven the interaction of CBD with the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain that are accountable for sleep. Normal, deep REM sleep aid in maximum protein synthesis for forming and repairing muscle and using CBD can help in reducing cortisol levels and augment muscle building.


CBD has been proven to offer anti inflammatory and pain relieving effects and curb cell proliferation which in turn minimizes inflammation. This can dramatically reduce any aches and pains experienced prior to and post yoga routine. Incorporating this miracle compound into your yoga routine makes you realise your negative thought process and identify areas of stress which require release. Thus, CBD can perform as a tool to attain your real self which is the utmost goal of performing yoga.

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