10 Natural Treatments For Depression


Depression is a major cause of worry for many people these days. It occurs when you have to undergo a loss of stress and anxiety for a considerable amount of time. You stop having good vibes about yourself and become gloomy from inside. There is a massive change in your behaviour and you start isolating yourself from society. Depression is one such disease which requires immediate medical help but the medicines which are generally used to treat depression can harm you in other ways. So, here are a

Few completely natural yet effective ways to treat depression.

Try to fix a schedule for yourself:

Living a routine life can help you in a lot of ways. It allows your biological cycles to perform properly. It makes you healthy from inside and makes sure that you suffer less from diseases. It will help you to become confident about yourself and there are little chances of depression because a healthy person is seldom depressed. There are people who lead an extremely unhealthy life. They eat junk food, go for parties, consume alcohol and remain awake till late into the night. All the things can interfere with your biological clock and make you severely ill and be a major cause for depression.


Always set goals for yourself:

Your goals can motivate you to live a healthy life. A person who has his goals set is never depressed because he has a lot to work on. His goals are his inspirations which motivates him to do his work happily and working is the best way by which a person can get rid of depression. So, give priority to your goals and they will make sure that you are never depressed.


Try to get lots of exercises:

Exercise is yet another way which can keep you healthy and fit. Exercising on a regular basis can refresh your mind and give you new inspirations. It will not only keep you healthy but also give you the proper inspiration to lead a happy life. It will make you happy from inside and also keep you away from various diseases. If you exercise regularly for even 10 minutes a day, you will see that you are feeling a lot better. You will be able to concentrate on your work and lead your life with greater ease.

Always try to eat food which are  good for your health and not just for your taste buds:

Most of us are very cautious about taste. We always give priority to our taste buds as a result of which we end up consuming more junk food. Junk food and fried food are extremely bad for our health. They contain oil excess which can make you fall sick. Eating from roadside food stalls and unhygienic places can severely affect your health and when you get sick, you will start feeling depressed about yourself and this will give you negative thoughts. So, in order to lead a healthy life, make sure that tan he food you intake is good for you in some way or the other.

CBD can be used to cure depression:

CBD is one of the best ways by which you can get rid of depression. CBD can be used to regulate your nervous system by calming the muscles of your body. It regulates the nerve impulses which are meant for carrying signals to different parts of our body.

Always try to do things which can make you something:

Happiness is something which comes from within. You can never buy happiness. So, you should make time for the things which give you happiness. This will refresh your mind and make you feel happy about yourself.

Have balanced meals and never dare to skip your breakfast:

Balanced meals include equal amount of carbohydrates, proteins vitamins and minerals. Always have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A person who goes without breakfast will fall ill quite frequently. Include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet as they are rich in antioxidants and will keep you healthy.

Try to take on responsibilities in life:

We all have certain basic responsibilities in life. Our responsibilities include responsibilities towards our family, our work and our own selves.The worst thing that you can do to yourself and your life is to get away from your responsibilities. It is our responsibilities which make us mature. It makes us a good human being from inside. So, if you are trying to escape from your responsibilities, you are escaping from your own self. This may make you feel sad and depressed with yourself. For a short time, you may feel that you are doing something really good and clever but in the long race, you will see that it is causing harm to you. So try to take responsibilities. Take important decisions for your life. These decisions will change your life for the better.

Shut your mind to negative thoughts:

Your negative thoughts are the ones which try to pull you down at all times. None of us can escape from negative thoughts but we can definitely reduce their effects and convert our negative thoughts to positive ones. Try to extract the positivity out of everything. Be an optimist instead of brooding and sulking over the bad things which might happen to your life. Your negative thoughts are the main cause of depression. They will demotivate you and lower your self-esteem. So, always do the things which will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Try to do something innovative with your life:

Doing the same things over and over again can make your life extremely monotonous and dull. Dullness can give rise to depression. So, try to do things which are exciting and brings out the fun in you. You should always make sure that you do not lose the fun side of yourself. Go for vacations and parties. Have fun with your friends and talk to people who will motivate you. In this way, you can always try to experiment with your life. Do not allow it to get monotonous. In this way, you will never get depressed. You will have something new and exciting to think about at all times.


CBD Can Keep Your Endometriosis Distress At Bay

CBD In Endometriosis

An ailment that affects over 176 million women worldwide, Endometriosis is a painful condition where the endometrium-the tissue which lines the uterus mistakenly develops outside of the uterus. Endometrial tissue can also grow on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and various abdominal locations. Once diagnosed with endometriosis, the line of therapy that follows is painkillers and NSAIDs which only helps to cope with the pain related aspect of this disease and fail to check its progression. However, the phytocannabinoid CBD by working on your endocannabinoid system which regulates pain, hormonal imbalances and reproduction can aid in alleviating the symptoms and target at the root cause of endometriosis.

What Endometriosis Means

In endometriosis, the endometrium tissue develops improperly outside the uterus and thrives where it does not belong. Though not life-threatening, the endometrial tissue responds to the hormones flowing within your body in a similar way as it does inside the uterus. Every month the endometrium accumulates, breaks down and disposes of. Unlike normal menstruation, the blood, and tissue disposed of these removed cells are generally trapped within the body. This cyclical routine can become painful -activating inflammation and scarring as the body fights back to reassimilate the dead material.

 What Causes Endometriosis?

The growth of endometrial tissue in areas where it should not is based on the popular theory that menstrual blood flows the wrong way, carrying endometrial tissue towards the fallopian tubes, abdomen or ovaries.

Other factors supposed are environmental or toxins that may cause the body to spontaneously generate endometrial cells in an improper place. Once the initial cells reach these places they develop and proliferate in the same way as cancer cells do and evade destruction by the protection mechanism of the body. They engage blood veins to deliver nutrients and eliminate waste products and grow nerve endings that raise the perception of pain.

In the same way as cancer cells, endometriosis can relocate to various tissues to gain more territory – look to reclaim occupied territory post-surgery. Though a benign disease, women whose body system is unable to stop the expansion of endometriosis (because of genetics or environmental elements) are more prone to ovarian cancer risks.

Symptoms Associated With Endometriosis

This unusual extrauterine growth of endometrial tissue in endometriosis can make women suffer from at least one of the given symptoms:

  • Acute menstrual cramps
  • Painful urination or bowel motions
  • Painful intercourse
  • Constant lower back, pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Infertility or difficulty in conceiving
  • Diarrhea, nausea or constipation
  • Irregular menstrual cycles and fatigue

A diagnosis of endometriosis has currently no known cure and the therapy offered is painkillers, hormone treatment, surgical processes that are directed towards simply holding the endometriosis under control. This has led to many women seeking holistic care to manage their recurrent symptoms. One such approach is of incorporating cannabinoids like CBD into their therapy.

CBD Can Target The Root Cause Of Endometriosis

Research has suggested that cannabinoids like CBD can treat endometriosis by

  • Inhibiting cell proliferation
  • Preventing cell migration
  • Preventing lesion vascularization (blood vessels)
  • Inhibiting lesion innervation (nerves)
  • Obstructing synthesis of inflammatory prostaglandins
  • Regulating the immune response
  • Desensitizing nerves that transmit pain

Endometriosis And Your Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system plays a major role in regulating your immune system with the vast circuitry of endocannabinoids, ion channels, and receptor sites within the nervous system, immune system and all across the body. This primary regulatory system controls many biological processes and functions in the body like movement, reproduction, immune response, mood, hormonal imbalance, sleep, metabolism, and pain to name a few.

A large volume of evidence hints at the fact that certain imbalances within the endocannabinoid system can result in endometriosis. There exists a complex association between the reproductive system and the endocannabinoid system. The endometrium contains cannabinoid receptors which fluctuate as a woman approaches her menstrual cycle.

CBD Has Anti-Proliferative Properties And Inhibits Cell Multiplication

Your body has mechanisms in place that restricts the growth of aberrant cells and discards them before they can lead to complications. Such cell destruction (apoptosis) is missing in people suffering from endometriosis and similar disorders. The endocannabinoid system boosts apoptosis and prevents cell growth which helps in cancer therapy. As the cannabinoid receptors get triggered either by the endocannabinoids produced with the body or through supplementation from phytocannabinoids like CBD they prevent cancer cells from multiplying and spreading. Similar research has also shown that activating these receptors halts endometriotic tissue from proliferating in mice.

CBD Curbs Cell Migration

A complication that is faced by most of the women who remove surgically the endometriotic lesions is its reemergence or return. Inspite of that,  it has been detected that endocannabinoids aids in controlling the migration of cells. In fact, compounds like CBD obstructs the migration of endometriotic cells by preventing the stimulation of the GPR 18 receptor.

Keeps The Endometriotic Lesions Undernourished

For its sustenance, the endometriotic lesions need a network of blood vessels or vascularization for proliferation and supply of necessary nutrients. Though studies have indicated at a minimal impact of cannabinoids upon endometriotic vascularization, various studies have displayed the capacity of CBD to inhibit vascularization of cancerous wounds and lesions.

CBD Alleviates Painful Nerves

Women suffer deep-infiltrating endometriosis which embeds farther away inside the abdominal tissue. These lesions result in excessive pain as they comprise a greater density of nerves, unlike other lesions. Endocannabinoids regulate nerve growth and its receptors CB1 are expressed on the nerves that activate endometriotic lesions. The cannabinoid CBD intervenes with innervation by preventing stimulation of CB1 receptors. CBD also assists to mitigate pain sensations by numbing and desensitizing the pain receptor TRPV1.


Anecdotal evidence supports the ability of cannabinoids to manage and regulate endometriosis pain. The prescription medications have their harmful side effects which are not present in the non-addictive, non-toxic and organic CBD that has immense therapeutic effects to improve the life quality of women affected by endometriosis.


Ways CBD Can Boost Your Yoga Practice

CBD For Yoga

A large population of Americans are turning to the ancient practice of yoga for weight loss, to manage their physical pain, lowering of stress levels and bolstering muscle strength and flexibility. It goes without saying that incorporating a regular regimen of yoga offers oodles of mental and physical benefits. But, how about also adding  something that can boost your benefits and enhance your experience. An emerging trend known as CBD yoga takes your yoga practice to a new level as anecdotal evidence amassed across the internet have shown that numerous people have tried CBD and Yoga together and enjoyed the experience. Though hearsay is not a surefire way to make a health decision, you should also know the scientific studies which have proven the efficacy of CBD.

CBD is among the most prevalent compounds existing in cannabis. Reared from the industrial hemp plant, it is non-psychoactive and you remain cognitively conscious after its consumption. This is because CBD activates the receptors within the endocannabinoid system instead of directly bonding with them in the manner THC does. With no side-effects, toxicity or drug tolerance, CBD has a high safety profile and a host of medicinal benefits.

Yoga And CBD Are Complementary

These two therapies together can perform wonders in anxiety relief and focus. CBD targets serotonin receptors and can aid in the growth of new neurons within the brain (neurogenesis). The phytocannabinoid, CBD also aids the brain to focus and concentrate on the present task, an immense advantage for practising yoga and reaching that final zen state. Research has shown that the human body has natural cannabinoid receptors which can impact the immune and nervous systems. The endogenous cannabinoids are produced by the body and they are naturally present in the mother’s breast milk. Further, cannabinoid receptors get naturally activated through meditation. This makes the pairing of Yoga and CBD appear so perfect.


Raises Both Stamina And Flexibility

Besides helping focus during yoga, the plant compound CBD can increase flexibility in your movements during yoga session. CBD salves and creams can deliver the oil into your skin which can provide pain relief and suppleness to the postures practiced during yoga. By reducing inflammation and pain in your joints, it can help in maintaining ease of movement during pre and post-workout sessions. You can adopt an active lifestyle once again with this magical plant medicine.

A Natural Anxiety Therapy

In current times, anxiety has reached its climax with at least one out of six Americans reportedly turning to the help of a psychiatric drug. Anxiety and depression have become a big industry with the market for healing anxiety and depression through prescription methods standing at $15 billion globally. Fighting stress has become a niche market with bath oils, lotions, massagers, and eye masks all in the product list for facilitating relaxation.

However, many have opted for a more natural method which has brought yoga to the fore in American health circles. Yoga blends exercise with spiritual health and is a useful instrument in fighting stress and anxiety. With yoga, another organic and non-pharmaceutical alternative for dealing with anxiety is CBD oil, which is growing in popularity on account of its anxiety relieving and therapeutic properties.

Yoga Posture Savasana And The Bliss Molecule Anandamide

At the culmination of a yoga session, you often find the “corpse pose” or Savasana being practised. This pose brings complete relaxation, soothes muscle tension and melts away the body stress. Savasana also has a powerful effect on the mind and helps it to retain focus, eliminates any external stress and draws your attention on breathing and heartbeat. Yoga triggers the neurotransmitter Anandamide, which fosters the feeling of ecstasy and calmness for long durations after the sessions. Incredibly, CBD also prevents the degradation of anandamide and helps it to stay longer in your body, thereby keeping you blissful, boosted and regulating your mood throughout the day.

Both Yoga And CBD Fortifies Your Body And Mind

Many yoga practitioners perform it with the purpose of improving their body strength and toning. Whether for consolidating muscle mass or firming up, the levels of catabolic hormones play a primary role in muscle growth. To maintain the toning and growth of muscle the catabolic hormone, cortisol should be subdued to some extent as it lowers the synthesis of protein within your body and restricts tissue development. CBD aids in maintaining healthy cortisol levels, indicating optimum muscle growth and recovery. During the night cortisol levels are lowest, which is why muscle recovery is at its maximum during sleep.

Studies have proven the interaction of CBD with the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain that are accountable for sleep. Normal, deep REM sleep aid in maximum protein synthesis for forming and repairing muscle and using CBD can help in reducing cortisol levels and augment muscle building.


CBD has been proven to offer anti inflammatory and pain relieving effects and curb cell proliferation which in turn minimizes inflammation. This can dramatically reduce any aches and pains experienced prior to and post yoga routine. Incorporating this miracle compound into your yoga routine makes you realise your negative thought process and identify areas of stress which require release. Thus, CBD can perform as a tool to attain your real self which is the utmost goal of performing yoga.

Proven Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Boost Your Self Confidence

Today, most people around us lack what they need the most and that is nothing but self-confidence. Our self-confidence is what motivates us to move on with life even when we are dying from inside. It is our self-confidence which shows us the best path even during difficult situations. However, there are times when our self-confidence receives a severe blow due to unwanted situations. But it is very necessary for you to get over that situation and continue being bold and confident.

Why do people lack Self Confidence?

People mostly lack self-confidence when they are going through a bad phase in their lives. Maybe we are having some problems with our families or relationships. Maybe we are not fitting in at our workplace or the job that we are doing is not making us happy. All these can make you sad from inside and when you become sad; you tend to lose your confidence which is not a good sign. So, you should always find ways to boost up your confidence and bring out the best in you so that you can take your decisions boldly.

How to be self-confident?

Here are a few effective ways which will make you self-confident and allow you to lead your life with your head held high.

Try to think positively at all times:

Get rid of all the negativity from your thoughts. Our negative thoughts tend to hold us back and prevent us from giving our best. It is our negative thoughts which stop us from pursuing our dreams and desires and living our lives to our heart’s content. As long as you are not able to get rid of your negative thoughts, you will never be a fearless person. You will never be able to do exactly what you want. Your surroundings should not affect you in any way. You should know what is best for you. You should try to find out the positive aspects of everything instead of wasting your energy on the negative sides.

Be kind and generous towards people:

Learn to help people. Stand up for others and be respectful towards others. Only then can you expect to receive respect in return and if you see that people around you are respecting you for your actions, it will generally boost up your self-confidence and make you happy. Try to be compassionate towards all living creatures irrespective of their status. Do not help others just for the sake of publicity. Whatever you do, make sure that it comes out from the core of your heart. This will give you inner peace and satisfaction which in turn will make you happy.

Try to dress up properly when you go out:

Do not go out in public very casually. Do not give people the chance to make fun of you. Be in your best attire whenever you are before people. Even if you are not rich enough to purchase expensive clothes, wear clothes that you have in a proper way. Do not wear untidy clothes. If you look good from outside, you will feel good from inside as well and this will also make you self-confident. Your look will be appreciated by the public and this will give you a proper position in the society and make you self-confident.

Try to accept your defeats:

Life is full of victories and defeats. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you lose. You should

not be affected greatly by either of them. Even if you are unable to succeed in a particular affair, that should not let you down. Instead, you should find out ways by which you can improve yourself and win in that particular field again. Learn from your mistakes instead of trying to be demotivated. Never demotivate yourself for your defeats because defeats are the best way by which you can work on your mistakes and make yourself a better human being. There is no end to learning and the more you learn, the more developed you become as a human being. Maturity grows from within and makes you a perfect human being.

Find out your talents:

Do what you are actually good at and try to put more focus on your talents. If you are good at something, try to make a career in that particular field. If you are doing something in which you have no interest, it will obviously demotivate you. However, if you focus on something that you love doing, it will give you accomplishment in your work and people will appreciate and recognize your work which will, in turn, make you self-confident. Knowing your strong points is very important for you especially when you reach a particular age where self-confidence becomes extremely important.

Learn to take up new challenges in life:

You never know which the best opportunity is for you and which is going to be a life-changing event in your life. So, try to venture into the unknown. You never know what is lying in wait for you. Do not let any kind of fear hold you back.

Your body language matters a lot:

Try to be confident in public. Always sit in the first row at meetings and social occasions. There are many people who try to hide from people. In this way, you are doing nothing but harming your own self-confidence. Learn to speak up and learn to share your thoughts with people. Always be smart and walk with your head straight up. Never try to escape from situations. This will do nothing but make you all the more confident about yourself. Learn to appreciate your achievements. Do not always stay away from people. The more you socialize with people, the more you will get rid of your fears and worries. Speaking to people can boost your self-confidence to a great extent.

What happens when we are self-confident?

If you are self-confident, then you are bound to succeed in life. You will be a much happier person than you used to be before. You will be ready to take up new challenges and be in a better frame of mind. You will see yourself in a far better position in future years.